Our 2020/21 curriculum



A fantastic fun class for pre school children incorporating dance, song and mime, Pre School Musical Theatre will bring out the little dancer within! This class will also help encourage confidence and working alongside other children in a fun and exciting environment.

Students of Musical Theatre at  FAPA will take part in Drama, Dance and Singing. Classes include warm ups, games, dance styles, dance technique, singing and acting for musical theatre working towards performing in 2 shows every year!
We are very proud of all our students who train with us and we encourage hard work and determination.
Our classes will build confidence, develop skills, encourage new friendships and most of all have great fun!

Every week the students will explore various forms of musical theatre including script work and acting for modern and traditional musicals. in class we play games and build general skills that can be applied to musical theatre

In the class sessions with younger children, the tutor will focus on making them fun but educational. Rhythm is introduced through clapping and teach traditional songs concentrating on pitch, tone and diction. As the children and young people progress, we use various vocal warm up techniques and material from musical theatre shows and current pop songs to teach harmonies and performance techniques.



An energetic, fun and imaginative class containing games and sequences to help develop a young students dance skills from early on

Our Ballet classes are set to music using precise and highly formalised set steps, exercises and gestures. We teach Ballet as it gives us the best grounding for every other dance style. It gives us a strong core, good posture, turnout and musicality.
Ballet is magical, exciting and also fun.

Contemporary dance incorporates many different styles of dance such as ballet, jazz and modern but was created mainly by a mix of ballet and modern. Contemporary has strong and controlled legwork that is similar to that of ballet. Unlike ballet, it involves improvisation and versatility, instead of the structured ways of ballet.
Also, contemporary puts a lot of stress on the torso, along with contact and release and floor work. Along with ballet, contemporary gives a great grounding for all other dance styles!

In terms of dance, Jazz is an umbrella term that can refer to several related dance styles. All of the styles are connected via shared Jazz technique and the students cover a range of these styles.
Let’s jeté and pirouette ourselves into fantastic Jazz dancers!

When people talk about commercial dance it encompasses a wide range of styles. It refers to dancing done in concerts, live shows, music videos, movies, etc. The styles that are seen in the commercial category include; hip hop, jazz, locking, popping, street and many more. Generally speaking, commercial dance is for feel good entertainment. Commercial dance is great for hopeful dancing professionals!

In these classes we get our groove on and learn the fundamentals that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, popping and waacking

Physical theatre is used to describe any type of performance that tells a story through primarily and secondarily physical movement and performance. A combination of dance and theatre, physical theatre will teach you how to portray emotion through movement.

Dancing in heels has taken the world by storm, dancers and non-dancers alike have fallen in love with the sass and fierceness of the style. This class will unlock your inner Beyoncé, and teach you how to dance and strut like you never knew you could! Open to all (aged 15+), this class has a very supportive and encouraging environment, yet will push you to learn new and exciting styles.

MetaFit is a 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. Formed by a former Royal Marine Commando and an international gymnast in 2010, Metafit is the original group X HIIT workout. 30 minute, non-choreographed, bodyweight only workouts that set the metabolism on fire. With each exercise having a range of versions, MetaFit is perfect for everybody! If you want to start getting your fitness up to scratch or if you want to maintain and improve your current fitness level!

No joining fee, no membership fee and only 30 minutes long!

This class mainly focuses on developing Acro skills, incorporating tricks like flies and tumbles. This class will give you great skills for future auditions and jobs in the dance and performance world as Acro and Tricks become more popular

In the tap class you will increase your tap technique by looking at sustainable dance techniques, by increasing your tap rhythm abilities and by expanding your tap move repertoire from shuffles to time steps; from riffs to Suzie Qs!

In salsa class, students will develop their jazz technique with the rules of salsa in mind. Each class looks at an aspect of salsa technique and will include choreography to push students technique and musicality



Fapa Movie Makers is a new and exciting opportunity for students interested in Acting, Film making, Production and more.

For the first time Fapa is running a class which will focus on a great many aspects surrounding the production of a feature length film.

Students will have the chance to gain insight into both the production and onscreen side of film making.

We will be working as a team to produce a full length movie and our aim is to organise a film premiere.

Students will have a hand in devising, filming, costuming, finding props, recording sound effects, recording movie score and featuring in the film itself.

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